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Family home with a great view





The house is also situated in an area of buildings which are all in red brick - so the material of the building spoke for itself. Another brief from the clients was that the house had to zero energy, so the insulation is such that there is no heat loss and no real need for heating other than solar heat-gain.

The column under the cantilevered living room area is large and carries a series of radiated beams in the concrete floor. However the line of the column is  carried up and in the living room becomes a log-burning stover and above that, the chimney.

There is a delight in having a heavy brick building seemling hovering lightly in the landscape.

總部: Tobaksgaarden 3, 8700 Horsens, Denmark 丹麥

亞太: 台灣 401213 台中市東區自由路三段10號十五樓之10

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