• Frederick Rickmann

What do Dua Lipa and Mozart have in common?

Two completely different types of music from totally different centuries have something fascinating in common. Both sound totally amazing on the sonic "landscape" you get from the ACTION audio system. Actually what these two share are a mix of tones that reach all the way from accurate high tones, through middle frequencies and down into a rich bass.

Think about the piano, cello and violin music of Mozart's compositions in Vienna and Salzburg and you experience a full range of tonal variation that spans the spectrum of the sound we can hear. Fast forward to the UK music scene in 2020 and you get the sparkling talent of Dua Lipa scoring top chart positions for her singles and albums and a whole string of awards for her originality. The instrumentation and Dua Lipa's voice are projected wonderfully well by the remarkable acoustics of ACTION. Listen to Dua Lipa's latest hit here:

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