• Frederick Rickmann

Corona Killer

It has been described as a quantum leap in robots that can disinfect against viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces using UV-C light. The new ultra intelligent 3G generation of autonomous mobile robot from the Danish company UVD ROBOTS arrives at the right time to deal with Covid 19 pandemic.

This, the world's most advanced UV robot, was developed by Blue Ocean Robotics in Odense, Denmark. Frederick Rickmann from DNgroup was an intregral part of the international design and engineering team that brought this life-saving robot to reality in record time .

The new robot navigates itself autonomously in hospitals, airports, hotels, shopping malls, cruise ships, company offices and many other environments which need to be free of infections for public safety.

UV-C radiation can be harmful for people and for that reason, the robot is equipped with the most advanced sensors and user control system. "It is also the world's simplest to use,” says Per Juul Nielsen, CEO of UVD Robots. “Anyone can install the robot in a matter of minutes and immediately put it into operation, disinfecting bacteria and viruses from the air and any surface.”

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