• Frederick Rickmann


A success of considerable value was experienced in Palazzo delle Stelline. The exhibition entitled Beyond Art opened on the 20th of November to larger than expected crowds.

Frederick Rickmann's dramatic work in silk embroidery and innovative porcelain opened many Italian eyes - in a region in Italy where silk-work was once prominent but where many of the skills have been lost. Rickmann's concept was to create a set of artistic templates which were then interpreted individually by the craftspeople. In embroidery even each single coloured thread is spun individually by the craftswoman. Thus the artwork achieves a double originality where not only every embroidery is an original artwork, but each thread is an original composition. In this way, the creation of the craft artworks take on a teamwork similar to film-making where a director leads the artistry of talented team members.

As well as the art on display, there were Chinese tea ceremonies, and also the creative workshops in Chinese fragrance. In contrast to western art, Chinese art motivates the senses to a much greater degree. This was not just performance art, but inclusive art. Visitors to the exhibition actually participated in the ceremonies thus appreciating at a remarkable level the qualities inherent in Chinese art. The aesthetic range and depth of the exhibition was certainly a talking point as the Palazzo delle Stelline served their renowned catering enhanced by Chinese rice wine to a packed and enthusiastic foyer.

The exhibition was the initiative of Mr. Yue-Cheng Chen, seen on the right of the large group photograph. It was also supported by various Chinese and Shenzhen associations for the arts and cultural development.

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